Tulle Place Mat Pink

SKU: 1104020006130
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Tulle Place Mat Pink

SKU: 1104020006130
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A placemat that matches the pattern of the popular tulle bag.
There are 4 variations with different patterns and colors, so you can use the same type together, or coordinate with different patterns for an even more gorgeous look. A mat with a romantic taste, with lace material and colorful flower embroidery. By layering tulle lace embroidery on the mat, it creates a luxurious and elegant atmosphere. The dark pink and blue botanical embroidery on a pale pink base gives a feminine impression.

"If you use it as a lunch mat, the lace material will upgrade your table to a luxurious dining table. Also, if you use it as a table for inviting guests, the beautiful tulle lace will brighten up your hospitality table. It's perfect for girls-only gatherings and parties.

The tulle mat is a recommended item for coordinating interiors and displays.It can be used as a multi-mat besides the dining table. .Put your favorite accessories, fragrance diffuser, frame, etc., into a one-of-a-kind special corner.If you put a mat on miscellaneous goods and accessories that are directly on the shelf or desk, the place will brighten up and give the space a sense of unity. Also, if you put flowers under the flower base, the flowers will stand out even more.

The placemat can also be used as a dust cover or blind cover.Romantic floral pattern decorates your space, covers what you don't want to see, and protects it from dust.

Specification s
Size: W480×H340mm
Material: Polyester
Care Instruction
●Washing: Impossible
●Dry cleaning: Impossible
■Tumble drying: Impossible
■Ironing : Impossible
■ Water-repellent processing: None
■ There are parts that are unstable due to the unevenness of the embroidery. Please be careful when placing light objects or objects with small heights.
■The surface may burn or deteriorate if it is in contact with a high temperature object for a long time.
■Please avoid washing. If you want to remove dirt, please wipe gently with a cloth that has been tightly wrung out with water.
■Do not use detergents, benzine, or thinners.
■Colors may fade or transfer to other surfaces. Pay particular attention to friction when wet.
■Do not place near fire.

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