FUWARO水彩花雙人床墊 涼感

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    s A cool bed pad with a watercolor pattern from the popular Fuwaro series, which has a gentle and cool... Read more

    A cool bed pad with a watercolor pattern from the popular Fuwaro series, which has a gentle and cool feeling.
    Polyester cotton with antibacterial and deodorant processing is used for the batting. It can be used cleanly by suppressing the growth of odors and germs.
    The natural coolness of rayon material makes it safe to use even for those who are not good at getting too cold.
    The recommended way to use it is to blow cold air on the bedding with a fan before going to bed. Not only does it lower the temperature of the bedding itself, but it also allows the heat in the room to escape, so you can experience a cooler feeling. In addition, micro cotton is used for the inner cotton. The smooth and fluffy texture that melts will bring you a good night's sleep.
    Of course, you can wash your clothes at home, so you can use it cleanly even in the summer when you can easily sweat.

    Size: W1400 × D2000mm
    Material: Front side: 95% rayon, 5% polyurethane Back side / inner cotton: 100% polyester
    ● Washing: Possible (weak 30 ℃ net)
    ● Dry cleaning: Impossible
    ■ Tumble drying: Impossible
    ■ Iron: Impossible
    ■ Discoloration when exposed to sunlight or light for a long time There is.
    ■ Color may fade or stain (transfer) to other items due to rubbing or washing with water.
    ■ It shrinks a little when washed with water.
    ■ Please put it in the net when washing.
    ■ When washing, please use a washing machine of 6 kg or more.
    ■ Please use liquid oxygen bleach when bleaching.
    ■ After washing, do not leave it wet, but dry it immediately.
    ■ Please avoid tumble drying as it may cause shrinkage.
    ■ When drying, please dry in a well-ventilated shade. It is bulky and elastic, making it more comfortable to use.
    ■ If you do not use the product for a while, dry it in a well-ventilated shade and store it in a dry place.
    ■ Fluffing and pilling may occur due to use and washing. Also, the batting may blow out.

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