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CIELO DINING TABLE 1400 (W1400 × D800 × H730)

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    A sturdy dining table using marble (Carrara Bianco) on the top board. A 140cm wide size that is perfect for... Read more
    A sturdy dining table using marble (Carrara Bianco) on the top board.
    A 140cm wide size that is perfect for sitting by four people has been added. You can use the living space neatly.
    Italian marble is a natural material with a one-by-one expression that makes you feel the texture directly.
    All leg frame materials are made of solid pine, which is a luxurious construction with few joints and uniform strength.
    Size: W1400 × D800 × H730mm Weight: 55kg
    Material: Top plate: natural stone (marble) / plywood, legs: pine material urethane resin coating finish
    ■ Marble has individual differences in color and texture. Since it is a natural stone, stones, voids, cracks, and pinholes may be mixed.
    ■ The color of the pattern and color varies from sheet to sheet. Please enjoy it as a natural feature of the stone.
    ■ Do not use in hot and humid places.
    ■ Do not place anything hot. When placing hot items, use a thick rug (eg, potbed).
    ■ Do not place wet items. Since it is permeable, it may cause stains and dirt.
    ■ Do not use acid detergent or mold remover because it is sensitive to acid.
    ■ Please be careful of the warm air from the heater. Please make sure that the warm air from the heater does not directly hit the furniture.
    ■ Installation in a place where the furniture is exposed to direct sunlight for a long time will cause discoloration and cracking, and the furniture will be adversely affected. Avoid direct sunlight as much as Allowed and avoid direct exposure to the curtain (lace, etc. ). (Please be careful especially in the summer when the sun is strong. )
    ■ Use a pen with a hard pen tip such as a ballpoint pen on the table.
    ■ Instruction Manual: Available
    ■ Country of Origin: Malaysia

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