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Aruba TV Board Black (W1200×D375×H550)


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    (Pre Order Online - Available in 2 months) MODERN WORKS We are aiming for a new "Normal Standard" of furniture... Read more

    (Pre Order Online - Available in 2 months)

    We are aiming for a new "Normal Standard" of furniture that will make it possible to create a comfortable room with furniture, rugs and art that suits the Japanese lifestyle.

    A men's-like Aruba series TV board that combines matte black and brass.
    A contemporary Scandinavian design with a cool steel texture, using a French designer at a Danish-owned factory.
    All are made of steel so that the matte black shines. With a unique design that makes full use of sheet metal and pipe welding technology and adds brass handles and adjusters, you can enjoy a wide range of coordination for those who like industrial tastes and those who like modern tastes. ..

    The steel part is painted with a method called sand, giving it a rough matte finish with a luxurious feel.
    The top plate, shelves, and bolts are all made of steel with the same texture to create a sense of unity and enhance the design.
    Dare, there is also an industrial element with the texture of iron, such as the corners of sheet metal.

    The internal shelves are 160 mm apart, so the size is just right for storing the deck. Wiring holes are provided on the back side so that they cover the upper and lower tiers, and the wiring can be neatly stored.
    Also, the door is made of steel punching metal, so it is a nice point to be able to see the inside a little even when the door is closed.
    It is also recommended to put the lighting inside and coordinate it as indirect lighting.

    [Brass color adjuster]
    The toes have an adjuster function so that it can be used on various floors.
    By making the adjuster brass-colored together with the handle, it has a powerful design but a delicate finish.
    Size: W1200 × D375 × H550mm Between shelves: 160mm Legs: 180mm
    Material: Steel: Epoxy resin paint finish
    ■ Instruction manual: Yes
    ■ Assembly manual: Yes
    ■ Country of origin: Vietnam

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