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    It is a fabric mist that disinfects and deodorizes the gentle aroma of chamomile. You can use it by spraying... Read more
    It is a fabric mist that disinfects and deodorizes the gentle aroma of chamomile.
    You can use it by spraying on pillows and curtains before entering the bed, or spraying it on a handkerchief and placing it on the pillow.
    Chamomile has a relaxing effect, and it is said that if you enjoy it before sleep, you can get good sleep.
    Because of its small size, it can be used for carrying around.

    [How to use] Please use it about 30cm away from the object.
    [Uses] Clothing, cloth products, indoors, pet supplies, etc.
    [Unusable] leather goods, fur, Japanese clothing, water-sensitive materials, water-sensitive fibers (silk, rayon, acetate, cupra, etc.) , Those that have an indication that they cannot be washed, those that have been waterproofed and those that have been specially processed. When using on fabric products, check for any spots or discoloration that are not noticeable.
    * Not all life odors are effective. Please note.
    * Not effective for all bacteria * Effect is not permanent
    Size: W37 × D37 × H130mm Capacity: 80ml
    Material: Water, alcohol, solvent, fragrance, disinfectant, deodorant
    ■ Do not spray this product on objects other than intended use.
    ■ No food or drink. Be careful of accidental ingestion. If the product is swallowed by mouth, immediately exhale and rinse the mouth, consult a doctor, bring this product and consult a doctor.
    ■ Do not use for any purpose other than application, such as applying to skin, as it may cause rash. Should this get in your eyes or get on your skin, rinse immediately and consult a specialist.
    使用 If you feel sick due to aroma, discontinue use.
    Do not spray directly on floors, furniture, resin, painted surfaces, vinyl, carpets, tatami, etc., as they may discolor or deteriorate. If it adheres, wipe it off immediately.
    ■ Do not spray a large amount at a time or use repeatedly in the same place.
    (4) There is a risk of liquid leakage, discoloration and deterioration due to expansion of the inside air. Use and store away from high temperatures, high humidity and direct sunlight.
    ■ Use and store out of reach of children and pets.
    * Deodorizing, disinfecting and antibacterial effects vary depending on the usage environment.
    ■ Alcohol: 18%
    Flash point: 36 degrees

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