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    Color: GRAY
    A stylish cooking pot with a light, durable and easy-to-use bicolor.
    The aluminum body, which can be used for both open flames and IH, has an appropriate height and a step on the edge to prevent spillage.
    The knob on the lid has a groove on which chopsticks and ladles can be placed, which is convenient when using it on a table.
    Teflon processing that is hard to scratch, easy to remove dirt, and easy to clean.
    When making simmered dishes as well as hot pot dishes, it is useful to have a large size so that the taste can easily soak into it.
    Size: W330 × D270 × H143mm Capacity: 4.2L
    Material: Body: Aluminum alloy, stainless steel (paste bottom), fluororesin coating (inner surface), baking finish (outer surface)
    Lid: aluminum alloy, phenol resin acrylic urethane coating (knob), fluororesin coating (inner surface) ), Baking coating (outer surface), silicone rubber (packing), stainless steel (screw)
    ● Microwave oven: Not possible
    ● Oven: Not possible
    ● Dishwasher: Not possible
    ● IH: Possible
    ● Direct fire: Possible
    ■ Please read the instruction manual carefully before use. Please give me. Please keep it in a safe place after reading it.

    ■ Make sure that the main body and lid are not damaged or rattling, and that the knobs are properly attached, and wash them thoroughly with dish detergent before use. Please give me.
    ■ Wipe off any water as soon as possible.
    ■ When using for the first time to prevent scorching, apply oil to the entire cooking surface before using.

    ■ Place the main body on the center of the heating device and check that it is stable before use.
    ■ If it is heated rapidly over high heat, it may cause discoloration, burning, and deformation due to thermal expansion. Adjust the heat power from medium heat or lower.
    ■ Depending on the dish, it may suddenly spill out, so please heat it gradually while stirring well.
    ■ Stir occasionally during heating to prevent burning. Be especially careful with dishes that contain miso with dashi stock or umami seasonings.
    ■ Be careful not to get burned because the main body is hot during and immediately after cooking.
    ■ Please be careful not to touch your child's hands.
    ■ Do not leave the food in the pot for a long time as it may cause the paint to peel off and discolor.
    ■ It may cause corrosion, so please move it to another container when storing.
    ■ Because the handle is made of metal, there is a risk of burns after heating. Be careful when carrying it, and be sure to use a pot-holder.
    ■ Please do not fill the dish to the edge and use it.
    ■ Do not boil in the air as it may lead to serious accidents such as deformation, damage and fire.
    ■ Do not allow sudden temperature changes such as immersing in water or pouring cold water immediately after use.
    ■ If it is damaged, do not modify it and stop using it.
    ■ Do not use for deep-fried foods.
    ■ Do not use on the stove, oven, or microwave.
    ■ Do not leave the fire source while heating.
    ■ Do not leave equipment such as ladles in.
    ■ Avoid using strongly acidic or alkaline substances.
    ■ Please use below medium heat when cooking.
    ■ In the case of dark materials such as curry, the color may transfer.
    ■ To avoid scratches on the paint, please use plastic or wooden tools with smooth corners when cooking. Be careful not to damage the paint when using metal cookware.
    ■ When preheating, please keep it within 1 minute on medium heat or less.
    ■ If dirt gets stuck, soak it in lukewarm water before washing.
    ■ Do not use for any other purpose and do not disassemble.
    ■ Country of origin: China

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