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    thin fan with antibacterial specifications that is specialized for carrying around.
    This item is also recommended for those who are already using handy fans.

    Slim type with a thickness of only 2.5 cm
    The feature of the Frecarry fan is its slim form.
    With a thickness of only 2.5 cm, it is not bulky even if you put it in your chest pocket or bag.
    With a large carabiner, it can be quickly attached to a backpack, backpack, belt strap, etc. The power can be turned on / off by pressing and holding the
    button, so even if you put it in the bag as it is, it will prevent malfunction and you can carry it safely.

    Powerful air volume
    You can carry the powerful wind created by 5 durable wings anywhere.
    The air volume can be adjusted in 3 steps, so use it to your liking.

    Stand integrated type that can be placed on a desk
    The stand is integrated with the main body, so it can also be used as a stand type.
    You can feel the wind firmly even when you put it on your desk with a powerful air volume.
    Size: W75 × D25 × H147mm Cord length: Approximately 0.78m
    Material: Body: ABS, Feather: ABS
    ■ Air volume: 3 stages (weak, medium, strong)
    ■ Accessories: USB cable
    ■ Battery: Lithium-ion storage battery
    ■ Charging time: 2 hours 15 minutes
    ■ Power supply: DC5V 800mA [ br] ■ Number of charges: Approximately 300 times
    ■ Continuous use time: 1 hour 50 minutes to 4 hours
    * Depends on the strength of the air volume used.
    ■ Instruction manual: Yes
    ■ Warranty: Yes Warranty period: 6 months

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