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    It is a comfortable and elastic seat cushion that is comfortable to touch. Since low repulsion is used for the... Read more
    It is a comfortable and elastic seat cushion that is comfortable to touch.
    Since low repulsion is used for the middle material, it is elastic and comfortable to sit on.
    Since the back has a zipper, you can wash the cover without worrying about getting dirty.
    Size: W400 x D400 mm
    Material: Cover front side: 100% polyester Back side: 95% polyester 5% polyurethane, body side: 95% polyester 5% polyurethane, middle material: urethane foam
    ● Dry cleaning: Yes (cover only)
    ● Hand wash: Yes (cover only)
    ■ Tumble drying: No
    ■ Iron: Yes (low temperature/cover only)
    ■ Due to product characteristics There are some variations in size and color pattern.
    ■Due to the characteristics of the material, it may discolor when exposed to direct sunlight or light for a long time.
    ■ Color may fade or transfer to other colors.
    ■Do not pull or rub on the front side because the fur on the front side is long and easily comes off.
    ■ The pile direction may be partially different and may look like uneven color, but please note that this is a characteristic of the product.
    ■ The urethane foam of the middle material is easy to burn, so please do not place it near a fire or a high temperature object. It may feel soft at high temperatures and hard at low temperatures.
    ■If it gets wet, dry it well. To avoid moisture, dry it regularly in a well-ventilated place.
    ■ Do not twist or bend with a strong force.
    ■ Do not use only the middle material, but attach the attached cover.
    ■ Middle materials cannot be washed and dry cleaned.

    ■ Shrinks when washed with water.
    ■ When cleaning, please wash gently instead of using the washing machine's hand washing course.
    ■ Do not leave the product wet for a long time or leave it on it for washing.
    -Please avoid tumble drying, arrange the shape and dry in the shade.
    ■ Use a detergent that does not contain optical brightener.
    ■Please use liquid oxygen bleach for bleaching.
    ■ Rubbing and washing with water may cause fuzz, fluff, and pills.
    ■ Please avoid ironing the front fur part.

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